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Let's go on an adventure to redefine your relationship with work, navigate uncertainty in an ever-evolving field, and bring your good to the world.

If you find yourself at a personal and professional crossroads and you are ready to strategize toward your vision with intention and confidence, I invite you to explore my 1:1 offerings.


Hi, I'm  Amy.   


photo of Amy Santee smiling with black thick frame glasses, pink hair and black shirt
red tone photo of Amy Santee smiling with black thick frame glasses, pink hair and black shirt
pink tone photo of Amy Santee smiling with black thick frame glasses, pink hair and black shirt
Birthed from the beaches of Florida in  1986,
I navigate the waters of bullshit well.
I get it. I worked for a decade in the ever-evolving, Minotaur-laden maze of user experience, technology, & business. I've been where you've been.
A whirlwind of life experiences and a roller coaster career journey  provide me with deep expertise in the individual and collective human experiment. My coaching is informed by practices and perspectives from the social sciences, human-centered design, personal growth, psychology, systems thinking, intersectionality, and anti-capitalism.

What it's like to work with me

Our partnership will be a personalized, collaborative, and supportive engagement focused on your unique needs and goals. We'll explore, learn, design, and refine to answer the BIG big questions, uncover the yet unknowns, and get you feeling good about what's next.

My role? Thought partner, coach, advisor, advocate, sounding board, listener, caretaker, challenger & confidant. Like a psychedelic sitter, I'll walk alongside you as you move through self insight and positive change. 

Your role? Show up ready for creative exploration, experimentation, and progress as we venture into a practice of self-reflection and experimentation by tapping into your tasty inner core.

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"A genuine passion
for helping people"

Amy's approachability, honesty, work ethic, industry knowledge, and genuine passion for helping people reach their goals make her an incredible coach. She expertly creates a comfortable space to dig deep and explore, helping you surface with actionable steps and cheering you on along the way.

Robin, Sr. UX Researcher

I needed help intentionally designing what I wanted the next stage of my career to look like (at 48!). Our thought-

provoking sessions were filled with juicy conversations that challenged me, inspired me, and lit the fire under my butt that I needed. After working with Amy, I am much better prepared to make conscious career decisions that support my vision.

Pastel sunset over a light blue ocean.

"I'm confident
about where
I'm headed"

Tine, Managing
Principal Researcher

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