I work with highly motivated product design, research and technology professionals (and those who want to break into the field) to develop an intentional career strategy and authentic professional identity grounded in personal values, strengths, and goals.


My goal is to help people get to where they want to be through a personalized, collaborative , and supportive engagement to provide momentum and an accelerated path to achieving your goals. We dig deep and resurface with a clear strategy. It's an iterative design challenge where you will explore, create, test hypotheses, learn and iterate. This work will accelerate 

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The daria-cool big sister you always wanted


anthro phd student & ux researcher

Amy mentors like the Daria-cool big sister you always wanted. She tells you whatʻs what and supports your growth with acerbic wit and kindness. When I had a question, Amy co-explored answers with me with generosity, incisiveness, and creativity. Every interaction with her is genuine and respectful of the diversity of lived experience towards discovery. Sometimes we surprised ourselves with insights that were useful, fascinating, and chewy for both of us. A keen eye for nuance and daring truth-telling are the hallmarks of her mentoring and research style. Amy’s not afraid of asking the tough questions, standing up for what’s right, or speaking hard truths emerging from data. This approach to mentoring and research galvanizes people to imagine big and create with heart and detail. It creates space for people to actualize and stretch their thinking to new understanding in a safe space. I continue to be inspired by Amy’s grit, warmth, and relentless advocacy for the human and community in technology.

will always be open and honest with you

David, vp of product

My experience with Amy has been amazing. Her thoughtful, pragmatic approach to career development and advice has been fathomless. She asks the right questions, listens intently, and works with you to guide you in the right direction. She is passionate about her work, has a tremendous growth mindset, and will always be open and honest with you. Amy is awesome to work with and will help you find and achieve your goals.

incredible mentor and cheerleader

robin, ux designer turned ux researcher

The past few months have been so meaningful to me. I’ve learned and grown so much. Thank you for being the incredible mentor and cheerleader you are. All of this work is hard and so personal, and you have such an innate ability to gain trust easily. You profoundly inspire me, and I really look up to you. I’m so grateful for the work we’ve done together so far, and so grateful for our friendship.

damn good at what she does!

information sciences librarian

Amy provided specific and concrete guidance in developing a strategy to renegotiate my work position description and salary. This is nearly impossible to do in higher education but Amy's focused and detailed questions helped me create a very specific plan that accounted for multiple possibilities, setbacks, and negotiations. In the end, her strategy worked and I was successful. Amy is INVALUABLE as a career coach - she is thoughtful, insightful, and damn good at what she does!

advice and active listening

clara, ux  researcher

Working with Amy helped me address some challenges I was having in my daily work as a UX researcher. Her advice and active listening encouraged me to move forward in my career by more effectively communicating with colleagues, taking on new challenges, and exploring new opportunities for professional growth.

job searching was a dread until i met amy

Matt, lead ux designer

Job searching was such a dread until I met Amy. Any UX designer will tell you that the process of putting together a portfolio and preparing for interviews is taxing and can really shake your confidence. Amy brought a balanced perspective that helped me see my search as an opportunity for storytelling. Her approach was tailored to my specific needs, and if she didn’t have an immediate answer she was quick to follow up with research of her own. I had such a great experience that I might actually enjoy the next time I make a move. If that happens, I’ll be calling Amy.

successful career transition

majed, ux researcher

During the last year of grad school, I needed guidance on how I could transition to a career in UX Research. Amy provided me with concrete and actionable advice for a successful career transition. Besides helping me navigate the way to a career in UX Research, she had a key role in helping me prepare for job interviews as well as choosing between and negotiating job offers until I landed my first position as a UX Researcher.

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