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I’m here to help you answer the BIG big questions,

uncover the yet unknowns, accelerate your progress,

and bring your good to the world.




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What it's like

to work with me

Our partnership will be a personalized, collaborative, and supportive engagement focused on your needs and goals. We'll explore, learn, design and refine.

Our shared intention will be to accelerate progress toward your vision.

My role? Thought partner, coach, advisor, advocate, sounding board, listener, challenger & confidant.

Your role? Show up ready for creative exploration

as we venture into a practice of self-reflection and hypothesis testing to gain progressive insight and

tap into your tasty inner core.

My approach? Informed by practices and perspectives from the social sciences, coaching, human-centered design, personal development, psychology, systems thinking, feminism, and anti-capitalism.


Career strategy
& vision

  • Defining your goals

  • Figuring out what's next

  • Professional storytelling

  • Identifying skills, strengths & gaps

  • Values clarity

  • Career transitions

  • Finding fulfilling & well-compensated work

  • Planning your escape

Whistle while you work 

  • Values in action

  • Communication & leadership skills

  • Team collaboration

  • Strategies & tactics for impact

  • Getting what you deserve

  • Subverting the status quo ✊

Job search &

  • Effective job search strategy

  • Narrowing your scope with intention

  • Interview & presentation prep

  • Whiteboarding exercises

  • Translating academic experience

  • Mic drop presentations

  • Evaluating offers & negotiations 💰

  • Confidence mindset

Professional a$$et$

  • Effectively communicate the value of your skills, experience, & training

  • Helping people Know, Like, and Trust you

  • Solid portfolio & case studies

  • Well designed, ATS-friendly resumes

  • Pulitzer-worthy cover letters

  • Enticing LinkedIn profiles

Professional storytelling

  • Communicating who you are, what you are all about, & what you stand for

  • Storytelling & positioning 

  • Establishing voice, expertise & leadership

  • Putting yourself out there with confidence

  • Creating authentic content

  • Making connections with others

User experience 

  • Assessing competencies, identifying gaps

  • Overcoming lack of experience

  • Transitioning from another field

  • Framing transferrable skills

  • Settling into your new job

  • Designing & delivering projects

  • Developing your voice & point of view

  • Leveling up your professional skills


  • Self-care, self-respect, self-advocacy

  • Integrity to values

  • Confidence and courage

  • Motivation, prioritizing & focus

  • Introspective skills & developing intuition

  • Challenging your self-limiting beliefs

  • Setting boundaries

  • Dealing with corporate gaslighting & abuse

  • Minimizing your exploitation by others

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Working with me, you will . . . 

Get outside your comfort zone and move toward growth and fulfillment.

Develop your strategic thinking and risk-taking muscles through data, intuition, and values.

Build resilience, confidence, and courage. Exercise your power and speak your truth. 

Design & ramp up your ideal user experience career.

More job interviews,

offers, & dollars.

Identify and find meaningful and satisfying work so you

can fully thrive.

Strike a balance between goals, values, ethics, and workplace environments

laden with fuckery.

Articulate your values and  story, and fully accept yourself - whoever that is. 

Navigate and tear down oppressive systems while

still making money!

My amazing clients have worked (and landed new jobs) at places like...

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The daria-cool big sister you always wanted

& other awesome words shared by the amazing people I've worked with