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2021 coaching year in review

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

this image has a bright green background, an illustrated orange tiger that is growling, a large pink flower. The text reads 2022.

At the end of each year, I complete a review and analysis of all things related to my business to understand how I spent my time and energy, determine what's working well and what I'd like to change, identify the kind of impact I had with my clients, and set goals and strategize for the future.

2021 was my first full year as a coach (I began in April 2020) so it was exciting to sit down and dig into everything over the course of a few days. As a reflection maven, growth nerd, and data freak, I found it quite fun and validating.

Here's a handful of key accomplishments I'm especially proud of.

  • Full coaching practice with 79 individual clients

  • Engagements: 60 coaching packages and 55 strategy sessions

  • Obtained coaching certificate from NYU

  • Rebrand and website launch

  • Raised my prices several times

  • 42% of clients were people of color, 57% were women, 15% were US immigrants

  • $5420 in discounts/pro bono work, primarily for people of color

  • Participated in 8 talks/webinars/panels

  • Guested on 6 podcasts

  • Attended 33 community events (conferences, talks, webinars, etc.)

  • 25 blog posts, 1 book essay (Gregg Bernstein’s Research Practice)

  • 36% of client leads from LinkedIn, 22% from referrals

  • Created an extensive and well-trafficked resource on how to get into UXR

  • Established an open-source UX salary and compensation transparency database

Values in action

Another angle I used to assess the year is my values in action, as manifested in how I live and work, and what I help clients achieve.

  • Excellence in my services; helping my clients achieve excellence

  • Autonomy to do whatever I want and and set boundaries

  • Power and have courage in decision making

  • Providing guidance for my clients, and being guided by them

  • A regular reflection practice

  • Perseverance in building a business, focusing on my work during pandemic, and iterating as I go along

  • Contentment with how things unfold

  • Authenticity and self-expression with my clients and the community

  • Practice restorative justice and anti-capitalism through discounts and pro bono work, labor advocacy, and helping others identify and prevent exploitation of themselves and others

Insights, reminders, and new practices

  • I know what is right for me, always

  • I don’t need to know All The Things

  • Physical health and being in nature give me energy

  • If it’s not a powerful yes… then no.

  • Spaciousness in my home and schedule

  • BOUNDARIES. That is all.

  • Self-validation is the best validation

  • Allow things to emerge; be patient

  • Positive anticipation

I feel very satisfied with how 2021 went, and I'm excited to see what 2022 has in store for me, my business, and of course, my clients. My theme for the year is Be Water. Water is life, it goes with the flow, moves around obstacles, shapes the environment both slowly and quickly, provides energy, fits into any space, takes multiple forms, holds surprises, feels good at any temperature, is core to nature, and serves infinite purposes.


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