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IDEAS: Top 10 blog posts of 2022

I've been writing publicly since 2011, when I began blogging about my career journey, starting with my transition from academia to UX. I retired my old blog, Anthropologizing, when I moved into coaching almost three years ago. Since then, I have published 51 posts on my current blog, Amy's Brain, on topics like UX careers, job search, compensation, networking & community, and growth & development, with a healthy mix of social commentary.

Here are the top 10 most visited posts of 2022, all in one easy-to-access location. Enjoy!

#1 Global UX Compensation Transparency Project

A crowdsourced open access resource with data on all aspects of total compensation for UX roles. Now at 1,300+ entries and counting!

#2 2021 coaching year in review

A review and analysis of all things related to my coaching practice, including client experience and business development.

#3 [Event recording] Live UX Research Resume Feedback Session hosted by UX Research & Strategy

90 minutes of live feedback on the content and design of 13 real UX researcher resumes.

#4 100 engaging prompts for community conversation

If you're in need of some inspiration for LinkedIn posts, Medium articles, or other public writing topics, give this list of 100 conversation prompts a gander.

#5 [Event recording] 3 managers talk about how to approach interviews for advanced UXR practitioners

A fun panel discussion I facilitated with three UX managers about the hiring process for experienced UX researchers, and how to show up as a stand-out candidate for advanced roles (senior and up).

#6 Referral List for Coaches, Coaching Programs & Mentoring Services

An open access list of paid coaches (life/career/leadership/business/etc.), coaching programs, and mentoring services (paid and free) to help people in search of specialized guidance.

#7 Academia good, industry bad

An essay about the tensions between academia and industry and the harms of binary thinking on academic transitioners.

#8 Yes, UX researchers need a portfolio

Why the ongoing myth about UX researchers not needing to show their work in interviews is wrong.

#9 [Podcast] Creating a career plan with Amy Santee and Adam Gamwell, Brandeis University Talk

In this podcast episode of This Anthro Life, Adam and I share our professional stories and experiences, and discuss how to create a career plan by defining your values, articulating your vision by looking at your past, collecting data to test hypotheses, finding your people, and trusting your intuition.

#10 [Event recording] More on UX research resumes & job search, an open Q&A hosted by UXRS

As a follow-up to the live research resume review I did in May (see the above post on this list), I sat down for an open Q&A session with Jen Blatz and Nicole Montemurro of UX Research & Strategy to talk more about how to approach a UXR job search.


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