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[New book] Research Practice: Perspectives from UX researchers in a changing field, Gregg Bernstein

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Gregg Bernstein, User Experience Research Lead at Signal, dropped his new book this week.

Research Practice: Perspectives from UX Researchers in a Changing Field contains 430 pages of stories, reflections and insights from UX research practitioners.

It’s not a book about how to do research or why it’s important (there are plenty of those already). It’s about the experience of being a researcher, covering several key themes:

  • paths into UX research

  • interviewing and hiring

  • starting a new role

  • working with teams and stakeholders

  • raising awareness of research

  • sharing work and making impact

  • building research teams

  • career challenges

  • leadership

  • ethics

You will also find a short essay from me reflecting on how the social sciences prepared me for working in this field.

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