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[Podcast] Amy Santee on Brave UX with Brendan Jarvis

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I had the honor and pleasure of joining the amazing Brendan Jarvis for a fun conversation about UX careers on his show, Brave UX. You can view it on Youtube or listen to it on your podcast app.

Episode summary

Amy Santee encourages us to take control of our careers, to take action when we see something that’s wrong, and to realise we have more power than we think we do. Highlights include: ⭐ Are jobs in UX and other areas of HCD bullshit jobs? ⭐ Why did you write and publish your own code of ethics? ⭐ How do you help people to establish useful career goals ⭐ What should people considering a career change to think about? ⭐ What can people do when they see something that’s not right at work?


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