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Celebrating 11 years on LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

This week I celebrate 11 years on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn has played an enormous role in my career development. When I signed up as a grad student in 2010, I knew it would be important to plant a flag here. But I thought it was simply a place to add a profile, find jobs, and "connect" after you meet someone in real life (how quaint). I was very excited about all of that!

Over the years, it's revealed itself as a community where I've met people, learned stuff, and found opportunities that I never expected - whether as a student, job seeker, or business owner. These connections have led to jobs, clients, new perspectives, podcasts, panels, conferences, collaborations, partnerships, and several friendships. It's also a place that helps me stay on top of the latest in design, careers, business and social discussions.

It turned out this way because I was intentional about shaping LinkedIn into a place worth spending my time. How?

🌼 Nurturing relationships. It's a community, the strongest kind of network. Both strong ties and weak ties are important.

🌼 Supporting and connecting others.

🌼 Reciprocity.

🌼 Curating my feed so I see the most relevant content.

🌼 Being active. Not all the damn time, but just enough. I usually post once or twice a week, and engage in a handful of conversations.

🌼 It's the only social media I use professional or personally. Other than checking an occasional post from a friend, I don't have accounts anywhere else. I've been Facebook-free since 2011, Twitter-free since 2017, and Instagram-free since 2018. Nothing against people who use these or any other social media. I just like to focus on where I get value and not be spread thin.

🌼 Putting stuff out there and experimenting to see what works.

🌼 Focusing on value by sharing things that are relevant, timely, interesting, educational, and fun.

🌼 Thinking about the long game, not just immediate outcomes.

🌼 Being professional, being personal, being myself.


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