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Coming up: LinkedIn content creation workshop, December 6th, 2022

Join me for a 2-hour interactive workshop on how to use LinkedIn to create career opportunities and build community, hosted by Curiosity Tank.

LinkedIn is more than a static profile, job board, and social media feed. In this 2-hour interactive workshop for current and aspiring user experience professionals, we will go beyond the basics of LinkedIn and give you the tools and frameworks you need to strategically engage with the UX community to advance your career and build community using this dynamic platform.

Marketing image for the event. Purple background with the same text as on this page. Headshot of Amy Santee, workshop facilitator. She is a white woman with dark plastic rectangular glasses, short brown and pink hair, and a nice smile.

About the workshop

LinkedIn is the single most comprehensive professional network available, where you can share your ideas with the world, build relationships, and generate exponentially rewarding career opportunities. To make the most of this dynamic platform, it’s important to develop a quality network, know your audience and what they care about, and create a strategy for sharing valuable and engaging content.

We will discuss the why, what, and how of engaging on LinkedIn, and how to go beyond the basics by implementing an intentional, community-oriented practice that builds professional credibility and impacts the rapidly evolving practice of UX.

The cost to attend is $35. Visit the Eventbrite page to purchase your ticket.

Unable to attend live? We've got you covered! This workshop will be recorded and the recording and materials will be emailed to all registrants.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build your community of friends, colleagues, and supporters

  • Design and curate your LinkedIn experience

  • Implement principles for effective engagement

  • Contribute to important conversations

  • Identify what makes content worth sharing

  • Gain confidence by taking baby steps and experimenting

  • Go from lurker to content creator with your audience

  • Take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm to share your great ideas

You’ll leave with:

  • Specific ideas for content that speaks to your unique perspective, resonates with your audience, and maps to your professional goals

  • Confidence to get started right away

  • New friends and colleagues to carry on the conversation

  • A recording of the workshop and additional resources on content creation and LinkedIn

Testimonials from previous workshop attendees:

“I feel much more inspired to try to start posting and interacting (and upgrade myself from lurker status), when before I viewed it as a daunting networking task that gave me a lot of anxiety and dread.” - Anonymous, UX researcher

“Thank you for the helpful and engaging workshop! I’m feeling motivated to take my profile to the next level and feel like I have the tools to do it now. :)” - Stirling G., UX/UI Designer

“I found a way to be bold about my social media fears and anxieties thanks to your bold approach to teaching and authenticity. So grateful I took your session.” - AZ, Founder

“Your LinkedIn presentation was a much-needed accountability session for myself. I’ll be goal-setting this weekend so that I can work on both LinkedIn and career strategy. Thank you!” - Anonymous, UX researcher

About the host, Curiosity Tank

Curiosity Tank is a user research consultancy and educational institute based in San Francisco and founded by UX research extraordinaire Michele Ronsen. CT conducts research globally, and teaches aspiring and current user researchers around the world how to improve their UXR practice at every stage of the research process.

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