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[Upcoming event] Know your Rights: How the law protects workers’ right to speak out

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Tech Workers Coalition is hosting a live event on January 27th, 2022, to inform tech workers about the legal protections and legal consequences relating to speaking out at work.

The event will cover issues like basic legal rights to speak out and organize, how non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are (or are not) enforced, how to work with lawyers (for free), what to consider before speaking out, how whistleblower reward programs work, and the various pathways for speaking out, among others.

This session will be an informal and off the record conversation with legal experts who have decades of experience supporting employees who speak out about workplace harms. The forum will open with short talks from each speaker on their area of expertise and move into an open Q&A where workers will be free to chat directly with these legal experts.


- Tom Devine - Legal Director, Government Accountability Project

- Mary Inman - Partner, Constantine Cannon LLP

- Alek Felstiner - Associate, Levy Ratner P.C.

Moderator: Tech Workers Coalition x NYC

Register here!

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