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How to avoid stress at work: 10 anti-capitalist memes

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Image of cartoon Pink Panther sleeping in a bed with his head on a pillow and pajamas with sleeping cap. Caption text at the top says "How to avoid stress at work: 1. Don't go to work"

Drawing of a black head with a squiggly white brain. Text above the head has an arrow pointing to the brain, and the text reads: "I don't even want this job you capitalist crony I was neurobiologically wired to look around for berries and nuts and literally just vibe the rest of the time and you've gone and fucked it all up haven't you, you corporate pig". There is another text box coming from the mouth of the head in a speech bubble, which reads: "oh yes, definitely I would consider myself a self starter and a people person, absolutely" as though the head is thinking one thing, and saying another during a job interview

Bobby Hill, the son of Hank Hill from the animated tv show King of the Hill, sits on a rock on a far off planet, with only some underwear on. The planet is pink with purple craters and you can see black outer space in the background. The text above is white and reads: "Under capitalism, food isn't produced to feed people, it's produced to make a profit. When it's not profitable to feed people, we let them starve. Even when our labor has conquered scarcity, capitalism must manufacture it in order to justify its existence."

Close up image of the Joker from the 2019 movie with Joaquin Phoenix. Joker is painting makeup on his face, which is white with sloppy red lip paint, black triangles below and above his eyes, which are running with tears. He looks very angry. The caption above the image says "Me going to work knowing someone sold a jpeg of an ape for $439,000"

Two panel meme. The image at the top is the cartoon Wojak Brainlet meme, featuring a poorly drawn picture of a man with a concave head which signifies limited intelligence. There is a thought bubble coming out of his head which is an image of Wojak except with a giant brain indicating high intelligence. So Wojak is thinking he's really smart as he thinks to himself, "Maybe let's politely ask the billionaires for a $2 raise." The image below is a photograph of Frederick Douglass, a black man with natural curly hair, in portrait style. The text below is a quote from him which says, "We abolished slavery now we must abolish wage slavery".

Illustrated image of Buddha in an orange robe with dark shaved hair, sitting cross-legged on top of a pedestal. It is night time and the moon lights the nearby forest of bamboo. Surrounding Buddha are his followers who are listening intently to his wise words: "When you take a fake sick leave make sure you take at least two days off"

This is an 8 panel meme of images from the TV show friends. It's called the Phoebe Teaching Joey meme.  Phoebe is in the four images on the left hand column, and Joey is in the four images in the right hand column. The text starts in the top left corner when Phoebe says American. Joey repeats, American. Phoebe says "oli-" and Joey repeats, "oli-". Phoebe says "-garchs" and Joey repeats, "-garchs." Phoebe says "American Oligarchs" to complete the phrase and Joey replies, "American entrepreneurs and job creators whose boots deserve licks from my lowly tongue." Because he is an idiot and did not learn anything.

Image of an animation of two green reptilian aliens from the tv show futurama. They are having an intense conversation and are befuddled. One of them says to the other "Why does the working class, the larger of the two classes, not simply eat the rich?"

This is the Spongebob Squarepants Filing Cabinet meme. It's an illustration of Spongebob's yellow hand flipping through some folders in a filing cabinet. They have names on them like "partners", "the best", "rockstars", "team player", "loved", "tough", "extraordinary", "heroes", "family", "awesome". The text above the image reads "corporations deciding what to call their employees today instead of just compensating them fairly."

As Know Your Meme notes, "Chad vs. Monkey, is a Wojak comic meme format in which Yes Chad calls an orangutan "a dumb animal," to which it responds with something that makes Yes Chad realize that in a certain way he is intellectually inferior." This image has Chad, a white man with blonde hair and beard, telling the Monkey, "I have to go to work every day". The monkey, a brown orangutan, says "I don't". Chad replies, "fair enough, but you also don't have any money" and the monkey replies, "Neither do you".


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