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[Interview] In which I talk about all things crapitalism with David Dylan Thomas

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Capitalism. I hate it, but I love to talk about it. And I had the pleasure of doing so with the prolific David Dylan Thomas, on his new podcast, Lately I've Been Thinking About...

The premise of the show is pretty simple: David asks guests what they've been thinking about lately and whatever they answer, that's the show's topic.

David is an author, speaker, and filmmaker, and the author of Design for Cognitive Bias (2020, A Book Apart). He is also the host of The Cognitive Bias Podcast. Learn more about David at his website.

Episode summary:

In this episode we talk to UX career coach Amy Santee about capitalism. How we define it as an exploitative, extractive system. The lack of a good word for making money without screwing people over. The propaganda supporting capitalism. And what we can do to fight it.

You can check out our recording here, or find it on your favorite podcast app.

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