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[Podcast interview] Amy Santee talks UX careers on UX+1 with Corey Nelson & Antonio Ruberto

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Banner image for the UX+1 podcast episode with headshots of Antonio Ruberto and Corey Nelson, featuring guest Amy Santee. Antonio is a white presenting male with short brown hair and a mustache and beard, a red collared shirt, large black headphones, clear glasses, and a gray podcast mic. Corey is an awesome Black man with awesome dreads and some black and gray facial hair. He has on a white shirt, large black headphones, and a black podcast mic. Amy is a white cis woman with short pink and brown hair parted to the left, a lovely smile showing her teeth, dark plastic rimmed glasses, and noteable dark eyebrows. Surrounding the headshots are some blue and yellow geometric designs, and the title of the show: Evolving in your Career on the UX+1 podcast.

Thanks to my buddy Corey Nelson and co-host Antonio Ruberto for inviting me onto their show UX+1 to discuss several of my favorite topics on UX careers.

Check out the episode for the 411 on:

  • Embracing the identity shift inherent to career transitions, and the importance of a solid story and point of view for your job search and professional assets.

  • The value of learning and experimentation for making career and life decisions with confidence, following the same process for iterative UX research & design projects where you hypothesize, test, learn, and refine to see what sticks.

  • Knowing your values, being selective, practicing due diligence, and looking for both red and green flags in the hiring process to avoid finding yourself in a toxic dumpster fire job that causes you emotional turmoil and makes your career suffer.

  • What we need to get rid of as part of UX hiring practices like unreliable assignments that don't reflect how team collaboration and product development actually occurs, and managers who don't know what they really want in the first place or can't commit due to risk aversion.

  • The all-too-common experience of UX professionals who take their profession seriously but are consistently undervalued and ignored, leading to burnout, job switching, and exiting the field altogether.

  • The importance of embracing a learner mindset and nuanced thinking when engaging in discussions with the UX community, no matter how experienced you are.


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