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[Podcast interview] Low Fidelity: Unleash Your Mindset with Rizwan Javaid

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A colorful image featuring a bright purple background, white text that says "Unleash Your Mindset! Episode 19 Amy Santee Career Strategist and Coach for UX Professionals". There is a cutout of a headshot of Amy Santee with a bright yellow outline around it. The headshot is shaded in blue. Amy is a white woman, has short brown and pink hair, thick dark glasses, and a lovely smile showing her teeth.

Rizwan Javaid, Senior UX Designer and host of the podcast Low Fidelity: Unleash Your Mindset, invited me to chat with him about navigating career changes, job search strategy, limiting beliefs and behaviors, networking, and the importance of self discovery for finding career happiness. Check out the recording here, and take a gander at Rizwan's website and newsletter for more resources and writings on careers, mindset, and user experience.

Note: This is a new episode as of January 2023, but we recorded it in October 2022 when there hadn't been quite as many tech layoffs as there have been in subsequent months, so some of our discussion and observations are a bit out of date.


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