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Sabotage made easy: 10 anti-capitalist memes

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The image looks like an old fashioned illustration from the 1800s. There is a fancy bougie woman in a green dress walking down the sidewalk. Below her relaxing on the ground are two men, one black and one white. They are having a great time hanging out next to a lamp post. Their work tools are strewn about. They are having a picnic, there is a picnic basket nearby. The lady is surprised. The text says "Refuse productivity, be lazy. Sabotage made easy. Growth for the sake of growth is a cancer cell logic. An ecological and liberating experience."

This is a two panel meme. The first image at the top is an illustration from the 1970s Schoolhouse Rock kid's video, "How a bill gets passed into law." There is a little white boy with red hair, sitting next to a cartoon character that looks like a rolled up piece of paper, like a scroll. The scroll character has a button pinned to it that says "bill" and is red, white and blue. The little boy is asking Bill, "how does a bill become a law?" The second image below is a zoomed in illustration of a hand handing a fat stack of 100 dollar bills to another hand. So the joke is that a bill becomes a law through the exchange of dirty money, aka, bills.

This meme has a retro 90s vibe. It is a picture of a white man dressed in business attire, typing on an old 90s computer. The computer screen has a picture of a human head with a brain that is exuding light, as though the brain is at its highest level of performance. At the top of the image, the title says "You say you're anti-capitalist..." and continues on the side to say "yet you earn a living!" There is a small section of text below that which says "Comment posted". And another section of text at the bottom that says "galaxy brain shit." It is using the galaxy brain meme, which is a joke about your brain leveling up to galaxy genius levels. It's a difficult meme to explain. But the idea of this particular meme is that when people make this comment online, they think they are galaxy brain level because they think they are calling out hypocrisy when people complain about capitalism.

This image says "All My heroes are workers" at the top in large yellow and white letters. There is a man posed in a crouching position. He is a conventionally attractive white man wearing the outfit of a construction worker. His jeans are blue and are ripped in a couple of spots. He has brown boots on. He has chains dangling from his waist. His short sleeve shirt is buttoned down all the way, which is reminiscent of an actor in a gay porn movie. He is wearing sunglasses and a white construction hat, and is staring right at you. There is a little section of text next to it that says "labor creates all wealth. every day is labor day."

This image features an illustration of a white male in his 30s, hugging his two kids, one little girl with brown skin and a little boy with white skin. He is smiling at them and telling them something very important: "you shouldn't worry about your career, the world will be completely unliveable within 20 years. just try to have a good time while you can."

This image features 6 images, 3 on top and 3 below. The text at the top says, why the great resignation is happening." There is a heading for each image. All of the images come from the tv show Squid Game, so this will be a bit hard to explain. The answer to the question is summed up in the 6 images. The subheadings say: the culture, the clients, the career progression, the managers, the perks, our mental health."

This image has a 1980s technology vibe. It has a large television, glaring green light, and red text that reads "aren't you tired of playing by the rules?" There is a stack of video games underneath it, as well as a VHS tape titled "The Game is Rigged". Below the stack of video games is some text that says "you took on student loans! you went to work! You voted! Aren't you tired of getting cheated?"

This is a two panel illustrated meme. The first image on the left shows a stack of wine glasses in a pyramid, with a large one at the top with a bottle of red liquid being poured into it. The bottle reads "wealth". The liquid is being siphoned with a yellow siphon into another bottle next to the wine glasses that says "Panama papers". The text below the image says "ask nothing of the wealthy or their corporations and they will eventually create a society in which all prosper." The heading of this image says "Trickledown economics." The second image on the right has a heading that says "Piñata economics" with an illustrated image of three kids taking turns hitting a colorful donkey piñata with a stick and smiling. The text below says "instead of fruitlessly waiting for wealth to trickle down, beat the rich with blunt instruments until the gold flows."

There is an image of an old white man with white hair and business attire standing up and taking a piss on a homeless person sleeping on the street. Next to the man is a fancy car and a chauffeur dressed in black, holding a towel. Each character is labeled. The rich old man is labeled "the rich", the homeless person is labeled "the workers", and the chauffeur is labeled "our political leaders."

This is an illustrated black and white image. At the top is a heading that reads "My parents at 25". It shows two people, a man and a woman. The woman says "I think we should buy a house." The man says, "sounds like a solid investment." Below them is another heading that says "me at 25 (years old)." There is a man and next to him the text reads, "If I go to sleep now, then I won't have to pay for food."


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