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Siri, define class solidarity: 10 anti-capitalist memes

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

This is a screen shot of a tweet by Beth Scorzato. Beth says "Siri, define class solidarity" as though speaking to a smart speaker. There are four images in a quadrant. The top left one features Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck standing in front of a tree, looking at each other, with a poster that says "Duck season", as in duck hunting season. The second image on the top right is the same except the poster says "Rabbit season". The bottom left images has both Bugs and Daffy looking at the tree which now has an Elmer Fudd poster which has Elmer Fudd and reads "Elmer season". Elmer is the one who hunts Bugs and Daffy. The fourth image has the Elmer poster, but now Bugs and Daffy are looking for Fudd.

There is a white woman raising her arms, her eyes are closed and rain is falling on her. She is enjoying it. Above the image it says "people who worship billionaires". The second image has a white man standing and peeing over a fence, indicating that the woman is on the other side of the fence, enjoying the pee. The man and his pee represent billionaires.

Illustration of a trolley track made up of humans tied onto the track. There is a trolley running over and killing them. There is a person holding a lever that can stop the trolley. The text says "you can stop the trolley at any time, but doing so would disrupt the trolley service, causing the company to lose profits!" The person looks like they aren't sure what to do.

Quadrant of four images with text. Quadrant on the top left has an image of an angry man that represents a baby boomer, saying "you're ruining our retirement". The image on the top right is a surprised looking woman who represents Gen X, saying "you're able to retire?" The bottom left is an image of a young woman who represents Millennials, saying "you have jobs you can retire from?" And the bottom right image is of a teenage boy who represents Gen Z, saying "when do the real Squid Games start?"

This is a two panel image. The top image is a person whispering sensually into another person's ear "endless growth isn't sustainable or realistic on a planet with finite resources." The bottom image is a close up of an arm with goosebumps and hair sticking up, to illustrate that the statement is sexy.

This image looks like a vintage comic book, with characters such as Super Man, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aqua Man and The Flash. The title says "All my heroes are working class". The super heroes are holding protest signs that say "labor creates all wealth", "every day is labor day", "corporate profits are unpaid wages", and "wealth is wasted on the rich."

The image is of Bill Murray in a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, where he is a reporter reporting on the Groundhog Day event. He is holding up a mic and is dressed in a wool coat and scarf. He looks annoyed and tired. The text says "Well, it's another shitty day in America again"

Image of a bright blue sky with sun shining, some white clouds, a bright green grassy field with some pink flowers, and a large rainbow.  It is meant to look like an inspirational quote image. The text says "Anything is possible. Lie on your resume, photoshop paystubs for rental applications. Life is short you're literally paying rent on stolen land with money that isn't even real fuck them"

Silly looking image. White background with two blue swimming dolphins in the middle. There are gold glitter stars around them. Above is some pink text that says "I resent having to earn money to justify my existence. in a meaningless empty capitalist system. There is also an image of a white marble angel. Yes it's a very weird image.

This is an image of two puppets from The Muppets. An orange one and Elmo, the red one. Not sure the name of the orange one. They are looking at each other and having a conversation, with some chocolate chip cookies on the table they are sitting at. The text above reads "But Zoe, the elite won't give up their power voluntarily, the working class must joint together and take it by force." Ok well now I know the other puppet's name is Zoe.

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