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So, apparently I'm co-hosting a podcast about hiring in tech!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

That's right folks! I am honored to be co-hosting a nifty lil show called What is Wrong With Hiring alongside Laura Klein, a frustrated design hiring manager and author of Build Better Products & UX for Lean Startups.

Purple rectangle with white text that reads What is Wrong With Hiring. There are two pink arms, one with a thumbs up, and one with a thumbs down, with a pink heart in the middle.

For a bit of backstory, Laura kicked off What is Wrong With Hiring in May of 2022 after sunsetting the fabulous What is Wrong with UX with co-host Kate Rutter (fun fact: I listened to just about every episode of this show, which began in 2015!)

So far, Laura has interviewed a wide variety of guests with important perspectives on hiring, from recruiters and managers to founders and design directors, on topics like assessing candidates with design exercises, fair pay, hiring pipelines, onboarding, and so much more.

And for some reason, she decided to let me crash the party! We are now three episodes into our new collaboration. Our first episode from May, WTF Just Happened, is an overview of the mass tech layoffs of the past 16 months. We also have a show on How to Help People Get Jobs (a riff on my recent blog post), followed by our latest chat, Should You Hire Yourself?, where we talk about the topic of freelancing/consulting. We'll be posting part two of that discussion in the coming weeks.

And no, the show isn't just hours and hours of us bitching about the state of applying to and hiring for jobs in this ridiculous industry. We do a bit of that, but more importantly we seek to explore why it's such a pain in the ass, how the perspectives, approaches, and goals of different players diverge and converge in the hiring process, and what can be done about it. Because y'know, we do care, and there is a better way.


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