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You asked, we answered! Job search listener questions grab bag #2

In the latest episode of What is Wrong with Hiring, Laura Klein and I answer more burning questions from Listeners Like You (thanks!).

Tune in for our not-so-humble opinions on:

  • How to answer annoying interview questions like "tell me about a time when you had a difficult stakeholder" or "a challenge with a teammate".

  • How to deal with the farce of companies expecting everyone to have a cogently designed professional brand and career when sometimes we pick jobs for reasons that have nothing to do with that.

  • How to convince yourself to wait for an opportunity that is the right fit rather than taking the first role you're offered.

  • Whether or not people know what they are doing when it comes to optimizing the hiring process (short answer: a lot of the time, no).

  • Do Amy and Laura actually drink adult beverages when recording the show? 🍸

🎙 Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, or check out the transcript.


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