What do you want to know about people?

I help teams build products, services and brands through an understanding of people, context and experience.


I am driven by an infinite curiosity about human behavior, the excitement of diving into complex problem spaces, and the satisfaction of helping people and businesses achieve their goals.


Design research and strategy

We have to understand the people we're designing for in order to create things that are meaningful and relevant.

Knowing what they care about is essential for increasing confidence in decisions, lowering risk,

achieving business goals and differentiating from competitors

Here's where design research can play a critical role.

Experience Design

Product development

Prioritization and planning

Illuminating data analytics

Design systems

Customer service

New Products & Services


Foundational insights

Market exploration

Product strategy

Ideation workshops

Trend insights

Business Strategy

Strategic direction

New business opportunities

Organizational development

Employee experience

Brand experience



The question is not, ‘What is the answer?’ The question is, ‘What is the question?’




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