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illustration of a woman with her hair wrapped with a handkerchief, holding her hand up and yelling something, while smiling. coming out of her mouth is a trumpet with sparkly pink flowers coming out of that. a green and purple hummingbird is eating from the flowers. there are purple, pink blue and black geometric shapes in the background.


Tailored engagement to accelerate progress toward your personal and professional goals.

If you're preparing for (or in the middle of) a job search or major career transition, this one's for you. 

A focused engagement perfect for creating compelling professional materials and improving how you communicate your special sauce.

Let's huddle to hash out a plan, discuss an urgent challenge,

and get your confidence in gear.

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colorful antique illustration of various flowers that are pink, red, orange, yellow, blue and white. there are also a lot of leaves and some butterflies

Career Strategy Package

Down and dirty strategic partnership focused on gaining self insight and accelerating progress toward your goals, no matter where you're at your journey.


This customized engagement is perfect for tackling juicy career questions, managing workplace challenges, goal setting, and rethinking your relationship to work.

Get ready for . . .

What's in it for you

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6 One-on-one sessions (50 min. each).

📚  Career development resources, tools, frameworks

      and exercises to complement our 1:1 work

💌  Priority scheduling and email support - I'm here for you!

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a black illustrated branch of leaves and berries
sketch in black of an old sailor man smoking a pipe. he has a captain's hat on and a big beard.
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Career Transition Package

What's in it for you

Full service, custom VIP engagement for job seekers looking for a streamlined and enjoyable process of change. We will design a plan for our work together with actions and measurable outcomes, while being open to organic pivots and new priorities. We'll dive straight away into exploration, experimentation, iteration, and refinement. 

Here's what you get :

multicolor abstract shapes including spots and ovals in pink and green shades

6 One-on-one sessions (50 min. each).

✍️  Multiple rounds of feedback on career assets

      (resume, cover letter, portfolio, LinkedIn, etc.),

      plus curated examples & resources. I've done all the

      research so you don't have to!

👏  Examples of top quality professional materials from

      successful job seekers

📚  Resource Library with 300+ career development and

      job search resources

💌  Priority scheduling and email support - I'm here for you!

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a blob that is bright pink with purple, red, orange and white marbling
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a vintage illustration of white clouds on a light blue background
  • Articles & essays

  • Annual goals

  • Project plans

  • Dating app profile
    (j/k . . . or am I?)

Career Assets

✅  1-2 rounds of feedback and edits on the content and

      design of your material of choice (up to 1 hour total)

🤠  A 50-minute strategy session to use as you see fit

💡  Top quality examples from successful job seekers, 

      plus related resources

If you would like feedback on multiple assets, we can devise a custom package.


What's in it for you

We'll get your professional materials in tip top shape so you can effectively communicate who you are, what you know, and why others should care. Let's make you shine!


We can work on any of the following:

  • Resume

  • Cover letter

  • Portfolio

  • LinkedIn

  • Website

a vintage illustration of white clouds on a light blue background
illustration of a pink and purple hot air balloon  with green plants and red flowers in the basket
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Strategy Session

What's in it for you

a very basic outline in the shape of a 3 dimensional box
a cluster of abstract multicolored shapes that look a little bit like the shadow of the above lightbulb
a triangle of little black leaf shapes
illustration of a tall light bulb standing on its own, in purple, black and blue.

50 minutes together to use as you see fit!


This is a great option if you want to resolve a conundrum, prepare for an interview, build up some confidence, work through an immediate challenge, or do any kind of problem solving or brainstorming.

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cutout from a larger image with two white stags on either side of a tree. illustration by William Morris. it's shaded in greens and reds. there is also a second more zoomed in cutout of trees, in muted shades of green. and then a third cutout of a frond from a fern plant.


cartoon dancing hot dog man with a top hat, cane and shoes and a bow tie

Genuine passion
for helping people

Amy is a huge inspiration to me as both a UX professional and a human being. Her approachability, honesty, work ethic, industry knowledge, and genuine passion for helping people reach their goals make her an incredible coach who partners with you on your aspirations. She expertly creates a comfortable space to dig deep and explore intentionally with you, helping you surface with actionable steps and cheering you on along the way.

Robin, Sr. UX Researcher

a spacer between text that is black and white geometric shapes and a long black line

Amy helped me gain insight into how to talk about myself and what I can offer when applying for jobs, which helped me make a career transition. She's like a best friend who listens to your dreams and visions, and calls you out when you decide to ditch them. She has a gentle but tactical way of bringing you back to your roots. Plus she knows the ins and outs of the industry, and what it actually looks like to do a job in UX.

Knows the ins
and outs of
the industry

Ruchika, Design Researcher
& Filmmaker

horizontal rectangle with orange flowers and white birds used to create a spacer between text

It was helpful to have someone who had industry experience and a feminist/anti-capitalist perspective. When you said "ew gross" after

I told you about the product director sending me books on productivity... I felt SEEN. The most helpful part was the reality check--I was asking for way too little money and it was *so* good to have more context about that. 

I felt SEEN.

Emily, UX Researcher

horizontal rectangle with shiny blue leaves, shiny pink flowers used to create a spacer between text

I love working with Amy because of her direct and honest approach for cultivating professional growth. She provides a robust strategy and toolkit which helped me articulate my story, develop a solid resume, network effectively, and land my first UX research role with eBay. Where Amy truly stands out is her authenticity. She genuinely cares about her clients and was there for me when I needed her most.

She genuinely 
cares about
her clients

Garrett, UX Researcher

horizontal pink rectangle used to create a spacer between text

A renewed 
sense of clarity

Working with Amy helped me dig into a major career transition and come out the other side with a renewed sense of clarity and deepened sense of purpose. Her approach is profoundly refreshing. Her "anti-BS" style and skills as a listener, thought partner and coach pushed me and supported me at the same time. It's desperately needed in the poseur-rich world of career advice and job hunting. 

Sarah, Sr. Policy Planner

horizontal rectangle with green leaves and yellow flowers, used to create a spacer between text

Job searching was such a dread until I met Amy. Any UX designer will tell you that the process of putting together a portfolio and preparing for interviews is taxing and can really shake your confidence. Amy brought a balanced perspective that helped me see my search as an opportunity for storytelling. Our work was instrumental in building confidence going into the interview process. 


Job searching
was a dread...
until I met Amy!

Matt, Lead UX Designer

horizontal rectangle with green leaves and used to create a spacer between text


Amy's counsel, coaching, and professional advice have been transformative. Amy brings empathy, a rich toolbox, and humor to the question "what do I want to be when I grow up?"

Daveena, Sr. UX Researcher & PhD

horizontal rectangle with orange flowers and white birds used to create a spacer between text

Helped me to be 
brave and achieve
my purpose

Amy helped me set a strong foundation to approach my career transition with excitement and determination. Most importantly, she helped me to be brave, speak up, and achieve my purpose.

Nandya, Sr. UX Designer

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