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[Podcast] Assessing Design Maturity in Job Interviews with Hang Xu of Collective Supply

❓ How can I tell during the interview process if a company cares about UX?

❓ Does good design maturity even exist?

❓ Given today's challenging UX job market, should I just focus on getting a paycheck to keep a roof over my head?

In the latest episode of What is Wrong with Hiring, I chat with UX designer-turned-design talent recruiter and satirist Hang 🤙 Xu of Collective Supply, about several topics on the minds of UXers these days.

Tune in to hear us shoot the shit on:

  • Hang's backstory, how he got into talent management, and his excellent satirical LinkedIn content

  • The state of design & tech hiring today

  • The philosophical, historical, cultural, and practical onion of design maturity and its impact on the satisfaction of UX pros

  • How to find a decent job and workplace wellbeing based on our personal definitions of design maturity, and our career and life priorities

  • Looking for ideal jobs in times of job scarcity—can we be picky?

  • Balancing the desire for impact and quality with the realities of organizational constraints and our individual capacity

🎙 Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, or check out the transcript.


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