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Amazon warehouse workers get a second chance at unionizing

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Back in April 2021, Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama held a vote to unionize for better pay and working conditions. In greedy corporate fashion, Amazon spent millions to spread anti-union propaganda and falsehoods through multiple media and outlets, including fake Twitter accounts posing as Amazon employees.

This is an image of a large group of people holding a protest march, walking down a street. They are holding pro-union signs and banners. There is a large caricature puppet of Jeff Bezos, the ex-CEO of Amazon, with a sign around his neck that says "Union Buster in Chief"
Image of Amazon Worker Pro-Union Protest March by Joe Piette, March 2021

Amazon also broke the law by interfering with the union vote through improper means of collecting ballots through a sketchy drop box (not an actual USPS mailbox), at the site of the warehouse where employees' every move is surveilled. That should tell you how scared they are of labor power.

The union vote didn't succeed, but now Amazon is being forced by the National Labor Review Board to allow for another vote. That's what you get for being sheisty evil bastards.

The pandemic has really brought the experience of slave-wage workers to light. These are the warehouse workers and delivery drivers who ensure the timely delivery of the 3 pack of lightbulbs you ordered on Prime yesterday, even if it means they have to piss in a water bottle to get it there.

While workers suffer, Amazon and other corporations get disproportionately richer and more powerful. There's no other way to get this rich other than through suffering and exploitation. Amazon will do everything in its undue power to keep workers down. Anything to boost profits and grow that stock price. They literally do not care about workers. They are anti-worker. Essentially they are anti-people.

I have high hopes for the second union vote. People are getting to the breaking point. They are more fed up, more aware, and more emboldened. They are building community on forums like Reddit's r/antiwork.

If you are an Amazon corporate employee and you are reading this, I urge you to stand in solidarity with your fellow workers. Use your power and privilege. Don't just feel ashamed for working at Amazon (cuz you know you do, that is if you have a heart). TAKE ACTION. They need your support and solidarity.


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