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[Podcast 2-part series] Laura Klein & Amy Santee discuss freelance & consulting in tech

Updated: Feb 22

Would you hire YOU?

*Should* you hire YOU?

Would you hire yourself so hard?

If you're wondering whether or not tech freelancing or consulting is right for you, check out the latest episodes of What is Wrong with Hiring for our two-part series on self-employment in tech.

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Laura Klein and I dish on our wide range of experiences with self-employment, the pros and cons of being independent, finding work, business and pricing models, project scoping, and tips for avoiding crappy clients.

As a bonus, you will also find out whether or not Amy and Laura would consider doing work that is illegal, and for how much! 🤑

Find the recording and transcript for each episode below, or on your favorite podcast app.

In this episode, Laura and Amy chat about the pros and cons of becoming a freelancer, consultant, contractor or some other form of self employed person. After all, it's tough to get hired these days! Maybe you should hire you!

In this episode, Amy and Laura talk about their experiences as freelancers, consultants, coaches, trainers, and everything else in tech. They explain which business models to use when and how to not get screwed by red flag clients.

As always, thank you for listening, and no matter what you're looking for, we are rooting for you! Don't forget to rate and review our show, but only if you like it! 😉

And if you want even more on the topic of freelancing/consulting, check out my conversation with Matthew Oliphant on his show We Can do Better, available on Youtube and podcast.


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