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👻 Hiring Horror Stories 3-Part Miniseries

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

"What is Wrong with Hiring" in large all-caps red letters, two gray cobwebs, and a witch's cauldron bubbling with green goop, a big ladle to stir it, and "Hiring Horror Stories" written in all-caps, dripping green font

The hiring process is its own special kind of funhouse of hell with a never-ending range of spooky, strange, ridiculous, and downright horrific survivor stories. Even if you wake up from the nightmare, there's a strong likelihood of a sequel around the corner.

This month on What is Wrong With Hiring, Laura Klein and I present a 3-part Hiring Horror Stories series featuring some of the worst experiences of job seekers and hiring managers who narrowly escaped the shadowy realm of interviewing and hiring and lived to tell the tale.

Thanks to the brave souls who submitted over 50 stories to help us put together this series and give us a reason to curse and groan more than usual. Even we were surprised by some of these ridiculous encounters, and we've seen a lot in our time.

🎙 Part 1 and Part 2 feature several spine chilling tales of candidates getting ghosted, tricked, and treated ghoulishly by ghastly beings and businesses.

🎙 In Part 3, we share some terrible anecdotes from hiring managers who must also battle unacceptable levels of hiring clusterfuckery, including internal demons of the organizational kind, arrogant candidates, frustratingly fickle decision-makers, and more.

Join us by the campfire for a special treat that will both horrify you and hopefully help you feel not so alone in this messed up world of job seeking and hiring, which only seems to be getting worse (plus a nice dose of schadenfreude when the baddies get their just desserts!)


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