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Public Coaches Directory

Updated: Jan 2

Light pink rectangle with "COACHES DIRECTORY" in big all-caps neon green font. There are a few bright yellow visual designs.

Looking to make a change in 2024? Check out this public directory of 100+ coaches and advisors who offer paid engagements and specialized guidance in the areas of:

🧩 UX careers, job search, & skills development

💼 General career coaching

🎯 Design & tech leaders, people managers, & founders

🎈 Early career & career changers

📈 ICs of all levels, new and experienced managers

📊 Entrepreneurs & small business

💡 Communication, change management, teams & organizations

🧭 Life & relationships

🎨 Creatives

✍️ Academics, alt-ac, social scientists & humanities

💪🏽 People of Color & intersectional identity

🧠 Neurodivergent

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+

✊ Feminist & anti-capitalist


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